About BSP

"Having a great idea & Plan? Business Sale Purchase will find the best opportunity for you!"

BusinessSalePurchase is an innovative platform which brings together business leaders, businesses, industry experts and financiers on one platform to discover, explore and connect with each other.

The initiative creates opportunities for buyers and sellers to holistically grow together through merger and acquisitions, joint ventures, stressed asset resolutions, business restructuring, seed funding, franchise opportunities and the likes. In one click, businesses can discover a world of opportunities and further their growth seamlessly.

Business Sale Purchase gives a jumpstart for all the Businesses, Start-ups, Investors, Lenders, Mentors, and Incubators to find suitable business associates. We compare top businesses across India and list the most suitable business for you according to your search.

  • Online Business Sale & Purchase, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private Equity, Seed Funding, Venture Capital Investments
  • Debt Funding
  • Turnarounds & Business Restructuring
  • Online Database for Assets Sale/Purchase under IBC
  • Stressed/Non-Performing Asset Resolution
  • Franchise opportunities & Brand Promotion
  • Business Promotion and Online Visibility
  • Distribution Network Expansion
  • Greenfield projects set-up
  • Foreign Direct Investment


To enable and drive Transformation, Growth & Productivity of Businesses, Assets & Capital through a unified e-commerce platform.


To build a global network for Business Owners for Collaboration, Restructuring and Expansion.

How does BusinessSalePurchase help your business?

  • First of its kind platform focused on business transformation and value addition
  • Passion for exploring invisible growth potential in businesses and assets
  • Enablers to drive higher productivity & returns out of existing business, assets and capital
  • A robust and focused team of skilled professionals from varied fields to direct businesses towards growth
  • Excellent physical & IT infrastructure

Value Proposition

  • A robust e-commerce platform providing end to end integrated transaction advisory services
  • Connecting the Global database of Business Operator Network
  • Solution to Start ups, Franchise to conduct Global Businesses locally
  • Large database of businesses and assets for sale & purchase
  • Technology Platform for recognizing stressed assets under insolvency and pre-insolvency to attract Global Buyers
  • Funding Support, IPO & Business Consolidation- The next generation Business Success Mantra
  • Due diligence via an Technology Based methodologies
  • Efficient back-end Profiles which helps in Deal Negotiation and Closure in more efficient Way
  • Web Based and Cloud based - Transaction documentation, agreements and legal support
  • BSP Technology for more secured and assured Funding of transactions and assets transfer
  • Business process Optimization and Consolidation on BSP Analytic Tool

Why Business Sales Purchase?

Business Sales Purchase is a top-notch solution platform where businesses and investors can connect easily.

You can explore the end number of investor opportunities available in our platforms such as venture capital firms, private equity firms, and individual investors. Explore High-Value and Potential Business Deals For great Opportunity and Continuous Growth at Business Sales Purchase.

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