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Q) What is BSP Freedo?

A) BSP is a first of its kind e-commerce platform focused on the mergers & acquisitions, business sale and purchase and related value added services like joint ventures, asset sale & purchase, due diligence, funding and so on.

Q) How does it work?

A) To target large number of registered users (business owners) on the BSP portal.

  • BSP Portal planned with extensive knowledge resources, articles, business and financial updates, financial tools and calculators and will be regularly updated with relevant content.
  • Dedicated business development and digital marketing teams to promote the BSP Portal, phase wise advertising campaign planned for print, radio, TV and digital media.
  • Business Valuation
  • Once a critical mass of target users (business and asset owners), network effect likely to drive the business and asset listing on the BSP Portal. Listing of stressed assets and insolvency database is also planned for creating a potential online market for stressed assets.
  • BSP Portal will also list the enrolled CA Network Partners for efficient and continued sourcing & execution of business deals.
  • BSP planned with full fledged operations, finance, technical-IT, legal & admin support team like COO, CTO, Legal Head, MBAs and CAs to support both the online and offline channels like BSP Portal, Network Partners and Customers.

Q) Who is behind BSP and its background?

A) BSP Freedo is co-founded by Mr. Alok Agarwal, a leading Chartered Accountant & entrepreneur in Delhi/NCR and Mr. Antaryami Nayak, Co-founder & CEO, an accomplished ICWA by profession with more than 30 years of experience in leading companies as the Leader of M&A team. Mr. Alok Agarwal has total experience of 23 years in his CA practice (Alok Singhal & Co.) and consulting venture, namely, ASC Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Over the years, it emerged as a consulting group in the name of ASC Group while adding a new service vertical every year providing plethora of services by continuous professional development and hiring new and experienced staff for the required professional expertise.

At present, ASC group is a team of 250+ people and 7 locations of it’s own and 50+ associates to look after PAN India compliances of it’s clients on a continuous basis.

For more details, please refer to the About Us Section.

Q) Why should my CA firm be the Network Partner of BSP Freedo?

A) BSP deals in high value added services like Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, asset sale and purchase, business restructuring, stressed asset resolutions, funding and so on.

A CA firm can benefit in multiple ways by becoming BSP’s Network Partner (NP):

  • Opportunity to develop professional practice and competence in the highly remunerating field of M&A/Transaction advisory services.
  • Revenue/fee sharing by BSP arising out of the deals sourced through NP
  • New avenues to increase professional income arising out of deals sourced by NP, for example, pre-sale due diligence, making an information memorandum, tax diligence, accounting records streamlining, valuation services, advisory pre and post deal and other value added service opportunities arising out of the deals.
  • Training and seminar support by BSP for various service offering.
  • Online and offline support by BSP team.
  • Significant potential for Increase in professional opportunities and moving up the value chain
  • Better utilization of existing infrastructure and manpower resources
  • Opportunity to earn and invest in the upgradation of CA Firm’s profile, infrastructure and team.

Q) What cost will BSP charge from CA firm for becoming its NP?

A) BSP’s portal and services do have fixed and other costs. However, in order to encourage the enrolment of Network Partners, BSP is not charging any service or franchise fee from the prospective Network Partners. This is a win-win for the Network Partner prospects where they don’t have to invest anything upfront while having potential for significant professional and financial gains.

Q) What is the eligibility criteria of BSP to select a CA firm as its NP?

A) Min 3-5 years experience in practice, Infrastructure- basic IT Infra, Min office space- 500 sq ft, staff strength -10 Nos. a basic KYC checklist called NPP as per enclosed format to be filled up and provided by NP.

Q) What is the procedure for enrolment as NP after eligibility criteria is met?

A) Based on discussions between BSP and prospective NP, prospective NP will apply to BSP for enrolment as an NP of BSP along with the NPP. BSP Operations team will go through the NPP and confirm if the CA firm meets the eligibility criteria for enrolment as NP of BSP. Network Partner will confirm his acceptance by e-mail. This will be followed by signing of a formal NP agreement.

Q) Do you require any documents for NP enrolment? If yes, what are they and why?

A) CA firm’s KYC (PAN, address proof, bank details & cancel cheque, ICAI regn certificate, LLP regn, GSTIN RC etc as per NPP checklist), Managing Partner’s KYC (PAN, address proof & cancel cheque).

Q) After my selection as NP, how do I get started?

A) Centralised Training at BSP Noida office or any other regional office, web or thru videoconferencing etc. NP to identify/ start looking for suitable business opportunities in his area while BSP will also be involved and pass on leads to NPs as per geographical presence & capabilities.

Q) What is BSP Training Seminar? How do I participate in BSP Training Seminar?

A)Training seminar will be on the opportunities and scope of this field. Origination of new Business, execution of scope of work, professional competencies overview, skill-set development, new professional opportunities etc. Details of training seminar will be circulated well in advance to all prospective NPs.

Q) What is the cost of Training Seminar?

A) BSP is not charging anything for conducting the training seminar. NPs will make their own travel and boarding arrangements and bear the associated cost.

Q) What are the expectations of BSP from it’s NP?

A) Act as a mini BSP- new business identification/deals sourcing, execution and packaging of identified deals in your area, target search and identification in local area, support for new investor setting up/distribution/franchise network in NP’s local area, due diligence, valuation, pre-sale diligence, tax diligence and providing other value added services as per requirements on case to case basis.

Q) Are there any threshold for the proposed deals/transaction?

A) 1 Cr in sales turnover or potential transaction value

Q) Can BSP charge me any franchise fee later after enrolment as NP?

A) NP agreement will have as much comprehensive, fair and transparent coverage of such aspects as practically feasible.

Q) Will there be a written commercial understanding between NP & BSP for revenue/fee sharing etc?

A) Yes. This will be mutually discussed and decided on case to case basis based on the scope of work between BSP & NP from transaction to transaction, origination of referral, successful deal consummation and so on. Accordingly NP agreement can cover this aspect in a broad commercial sense subject to case to case facts & circumstances.

Q) If NP is cancelled by BSP, what will be the notice period and consequences ?

A) NP agreement will have as much comprehensive, fair and transparent coverage of such aspects as practically feasible.

Q) Any additional qualification needed for BSP NP?

A) Considering the nature of this subject, It will be helpful if NPs have Business valuation course/certificate or else be prepared to equip themselves with the understanding and knowledge of business valuation models and techniques , Self-study and practice of business valuation case studies and also learn from BSP’s training programs from time to time and learn from practical situations, online knowledge resources and so on.

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Network Partner Profiling
Network Partner Agreement
Case Studies

BSP & Network Partners - A winning combination

  • Large number of SME business need professional attention
  • Current structure bottleneck in scaling-up, positioning, productivity, valuation & returns
  • Due to lack of - competence, focus, management, succession planning, resources, marketing, interest, energy, imagination , funding etc
  • Hence the need for professionals like CA (primary & trusted advisor) & platform like BSP (SME focused)
  • CA Network Partners and BSP Platform can together create a winning combination to address these gaps and benefit from such opportunities

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