Guide to seek business franchise opportunity| Advantage of owning a franchise

Franchising is a licensing arrangement where the franchisor (business owner) markets or distributes trademarked goods or service through franchisees (affiliated associated). Although, these franchisees own terms of franchising that agreements and their establishment require to share operational responsibilities with the franchisor.

Today, franchising is enormously popular with a large number of establishments across the world. Many people choose to own a franchise based on the trust and assurance that success is guaranteed when it comes to starting a business. Franchising has been incorporated by many entrepreneurs enthusiastic to start their own company. However, the features of a franchising business are contradictory in some crucial respects from those of other start-up businesses.

Advantages of Owning a Franchise

1.   Profits: A franchise opportunity can be hugely profitable. As most top franchises such as Tim Horton’s and McDonald’s incline to have higher franchise costs but are more likely to generate high returns on investment.

2.   Lower Failure Rate: Statistics show that franchisees stand a higher probability of success compare to those who start independent businesses

3.   Buying Power: Franchise business gets to benefit from the collective buying power of the parental company as the franchisor can manage to pay for buying in bulk and share the savings along with franchisees.

4.   Advertising and Promotion: Many franchisors offer their franchises with a broad-spectrum of point-of-sale advertising materials such as posters, mobiles, brochures, etc. Since such materials are most expensive to produce, they would otherwise be beyond the reach of some individual franchisees.

5.   Assistance for Start-Up: Many franchises are the turnkey operations. When you buy a Business franchise, you get all the advanced equipment, instruction or training, and supplies needed to start the business. Your franchise will reap the benefit of the parent company's national marketing campaigns, for instance.

6.   Research and Development: Franchising, then, can provide a huge lift in this regard, for many franchisors maintain ongoing research and development systems to develop new products and forecast market trends.


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       Analysis of Self: Know your personal strengths, weaknesses, and capacity before signing any franchise contract. Prospective franchisees must have an understanding of their business and personal objectives before starting the search for an appropriate franchise.

       Competitive research of Industry and Market: Potential franchise owners need to evaluate the industries of their interest. Also, require to determine whether the franchisor's major goods or services are in demand in the communal. Similarly, several competitive research on the market in the specific sector is essential.

       Study of Franchisor: Entrepreneurs interested in franchising should be well-informed about the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Factors to be considered comprises of franchisor's profitability, growth patterns, organizational structure, litigation history, public reputation, fee requirements, financial management capabilities, and relationship with other franchisees.